Processwork Days Berlin 21-25 April 2016

The experience of plurality with both its abundance and contradictoriness is inextricably linked to the phenomenon of life. Without plurality there is no evolution and development, no perfection and beauty, and eventually no fulfilment. Still, we are striving also for unity, for focusing on the little, for preservation and for homogeneous unison.

For the desire for unison and harmony of sameness not to become narrowness, we must rise to the challenge of plurality again and again, each time in a new way. Known as diversity, the plurality has become increasingly urgent worldwide and in many areas of life since the turn of the millennium. It moves us in the big religious wars and world conflicts about basic resources as well as in the steadily increasing flow of refugees, the social debates inside Europe, in relationships to our fellow human beings and even to ourselves.

With its concept of deep democracy, Processwork puts the stance over plurality and the polarities in the different manifestations of diversity into the center of psychological work with individuals and groups. After a conference on the meaning of empathy in our modern society organised by ProTiDe in 2013, the Processwork Days 2016 invite to deeply experience the vitality and transformational power of the diversity present in our living environments. The labs as well as the seminar address everyone who is interested in a more conscious handling in human interaction, and is also a training for coaches, mediators, therapists and other professionals, who work with people.

ProTiDe e.V., a charitable association promoting deep democracy in the sense of Processwork based on Arnold Mindell's work, is the supporting organisation and organiser of this five day event. Therefore, we are especially pleased that Arnold and Amy Mindell again accepted our invitation to Berlin and will present the newest developments of Processwork and their understanding of deep democracy in their seminar. The activities of ProTiDe e.V. are made possible by the event revenues and private donations. If you visit the Processwork Days 2016, you will enrich not only your own treasure trove of experience but will also facilitate the support of many other people in their striving for more consciousness and human, tolerant togetherness.


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