Focus Empathy - Diversity and Relationship - Berlin 21 - 25 April 2016

All participants of our event agreed during the registration process that we may publish the event photos here. We carefully selected photos for the website and we talk feedback from participants in consideration. From now on all pictures are free for private use. Please donate if you use them for your own PR in your business!

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Foto Doku BY Dominika Lis (472 Fotos)

The photos of FOCUS EMPATHY 2016 were made by our event photographer Dominika Lis on behalf of ProTiDe e.V. Dominika Lis is a photographer and a processworker. She is living in Warsaw and works internationally:

Lab 1 - Relationship and Diversity with Marianne and Ivan Verny with Sylvia Ondrisová and Slávka Takáčová - 21 April 2016

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Lab 2 - Slow Flow with Tanja Hetzer and Achim Goeres together with Olga Heismann, Kristina Loge, Giulia Molinengo and Franklin Tchoumbou -    22 April 2016

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Seminar with Amy and Arny Mindell - 23-24 April 2016

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Lab 3 - Case Supervision with Lane Arye - 25. Arpil 2016

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Add-On photos by Jens Bobzin (146 Fotos)

Additionally, Jens Bobzin captured some special moments. Jens Bobzin is sustaining member of ProTiDe e.V. and supports our work in various ways. Thank you Jens!

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